We work hard to supply patients, families, and health care professionals with the resources they need. Here are a few of the people and organizations we have been able to work with:

“The Lyft program has been instrumental in the needed care for many of my patients. Without this program they would not have been able to get to their cancer treatments. For patients that live a distance from their treatment centers and only have private pay transportation options this is a true financial, emotional and physical life saver. I have a particular patient that without this program he would not have been able to continue his trial cancer treatment. He was paying over $150 round trip, not a sustainable transportation option, but the only one he had until the Lyft came along.  This truly is a much needed program.”
Donna Nicol iCMP nurse

“The Lyft transportation service has allowed us to provide funding and transportation for over 35 trips to and from medical appointments. This funding has allowed patients access to the treatment services they need, and helps fill a major gap within our healthcare system. This service helps reduce the cost and worry associated with transportation, and has allowed our patients to navigate safely to and from their appointments.” Kaitlyn Schweikert, Project Specialist

“The Lyft transportation service provided by the Boston Cancer Support group is an overly generous program that has provided reliable and consistent transportation options to our patients in need.  From a care coordination perspective, it is the only program of its kind that we have access to at this time”
Alanna Sieck, LICSW

The Treatment Transport program is an invaluable service and had been especially helpful for patients who have required rides with little notice. It’s been a game changer! Thank you for all that you do.
Joelle Connors, MSW, LICSW, Oncology Social Worker, MetroWest Medical Center

I just want to say I so appreciate this, and it makes me feel like cancer patients are less alone. Thank you for what you do.  Joanne, Chelsea, MA

You and Boston Cancer Support are a tremendous blessing and treasure to the cancer community and community at large!  Thank you is not enough. Blessings on you and your incredible organization. With deepest thanks and gratitude for your kindness and help.  Monica, Southborough, MA

Our partnership with Boston Cancer Support has allowed us to provide our patients with another resource that is critical to their care. From a young woman being treated for leukemia, too sick to take public transportation, to a Guatemalan family caring for their badly burned daughter with extremely limited resources, Boston Cancer Support has helped get these patients the care they need.
Emma Galin-Attleson, Program Manager, Hospitality Homes

Thank you so much for your time and expertise! Your website and the resources you have compiled have allowed me to assist this family quickly and effectively.  Rachel, Yad Chessed Org. Boston, MA

My husband and I are living at the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge. We flew in from Ohio and have no car here. This offer is a blessing. Thank you.  Becky and Dave, Ohio

 I am letting you know that I will be leaving to go back to California in a few weeks. I want to thank you for your support with Lyft during some of my toughest times. I hope your work and support for cancer patients will continue and help others like myself. This has by far been the most practical and helpful support in my treatment. Thank you for all that you do.
Jo, Treatment in Boston, hometown, California

Patients love Lyft – It has been such a treat compared to the usual transportation resources we work with.
Katie Finn, Manager, Cancer Center Patient Navigator Program Boston Medical Center

 I told a young couple about the transportation program with BCS to use on days when transportation to treatment would be difficult and they were blown away. They said learning about this program made the whole meeting with me worthwhile.
Social worker, Beth Israel Deaconess Cancer Center, Needham

When you get a cancer diagnosis, the Internet can be a scary place. Seeking community and support can be difficult because you often are not sure what you need.  Boston Cancer Support is an amazing resource. It provides comprehensive coordinated  information that is easy to navigate. Most significantly, it is very hopeful – you very quickly understand that you are not alone. Randi Friedman, Newton, MA 

As an oncology nurse navigator for many years, it was often frustrating not being aware of the resources available to cancer patients.  It became a word of mouth referral process much of the time, and you just knew you might be missing something beneficial!  Transportation; insurance and other financial issues; mental health support became the top 3 barriers to care. When I was approached about becoming involved in Boston Cancer Support, I was honored and thrilled that such a resource was in development.  One of the most important aspects of this organization is The Cancer Collaborative – where the focus is on the professionals who treat cancer patients and providing professional development and networking opportunities.  This is an invaluable resource.
Cindy Krasnecky Nurse Coordinator – Oncology, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Needham

As a friend of an individual fighting pancreatic cancer, I cannot begin to put into words what Boston Cancer Support’s partnership with Lyft has done in a time when our community has been shaken. The reality that comes with getting a cancer diagnosis and then grappling with the physical, mental, and emotional pieces of it is, to say the least, overwhelming. On top of that, mix in the need to get to and from multiple appointments for care and treatment. At a time like this, it can feel as though the world is collapsing on top of you. The fact that our friend can rely on a ride, whenever she needs it at NO COST to her, is an immense weight lifted. She does not have to worry about transportation and we, as her support community, can focus our attention on being present with her. Thank you for the amazing work you do. Thank you that you are a glimmer of positive energy in what is a cruel disease.  Thank you that you are exemplifying pieces of kindness and goodness that can sometimes seem absent in life today. We are all incredibly grateful.
Oby Ukadike,
Senior Manager, Online Learning, Harvard Medical School, Boston


Lyft was an incredible support when my patient’s car died and he had no money to get into his pre-procedure appointment for surgery on Monday. He could not miss the visit or he would have had to delay his surgery. Delaying surgery was not an option! Being able to provide Lyft was a huge relief for this patient.

Oncology Social Worker


I used Lyft last week for a patient who had not scheduled her regular transportation through Masshealth. She had completely forgotten and called me in the morning asking for help. She had no other way to get in and was very thankful that I could arrange Lyft and she was here within 30 minutes.

Infusion Nurse


Recently I used Lyft for a patient who was nearing the end of daily radiation treatment. She was using another ride service for the majority of appointments, however, she could no longer afford the cost of coming in every day. I arranged Lyft for the last few days of treatment so she did not have to worry about the cost. Since she was also not feeling well by this point in her treatment, it was a welcome relief to use the service as her ride would arrive within minutes, versus waiting sometimes over an hour using her regular transportation service.
Hospital Social Worker