Whether you’re looking for a support group or financial aid opportunities, these organizations can be helpful from breast cancer diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. Asian Women for Health (AWFH) is a peer-led, community-based network dedicated to advancing Asian women’s health and wellness through education, advocacy, and support. The goal is for Asian women to be well […]

By Marlys Johnson My husband Gary was diagnosed with late-stage disease, whereupon the experts projected two years due to his relatively young age, good shape, and the fact that prostrate cancer is slow-growing. But Gary beat the two-year deadline. In fact, he lived ten high-volume, courageous years. And if I needed to assign credit for his […]

The STAR Program Certification include evidence-based training in oncology rehabilitation for hospital interdisciplinary teams to quickly and expertly develop superior cancer rehabilitation services. The focus is on therapy-based protocols that interdisciplinary hospital teams can use to both provide optimal clinical care and track outcomes. With certified programs in place from Amesbury to New Bedford, and […]